Come Around the World with Signet

Signet’s travel competition is going strong through the month of March with plenty of chances to win a $12,000 travel voucher. All you need to do is place an order over $300ex GST to go into the draw!

Last month the Signet tour guide took you to North and South America to get you in the travel mood. Time to fasten your seatbelts as we take you to Africa and Antarctica!

See below for our top tips and handy hints for these destinations:


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Relax with Signet

Ordering with Signet is quick and easy which means you’ve now got a few minutes to sit back and relax. From February 1 until May 31st we are giving you the chance to win a $12,000 travel voucher. Any order over $300ex GST will go in the draw to win.

Each month to help you start thinking about where you can go, we will share some fun facts and our top tips about different parts of the world. The first locations are North America and South America. Check out our infographics below:



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Brisbane’s Highest Quality Stretch Film – Always

Signet offers the highest quality and biggest range of stretch films in Brisbane. How can we be so confident?

  1. Always seeking innovation in product development.

Signet prides itself on being able to offer customers a range of different types of stretch films. This includes introducing the Ultimate Machine and Hand Pallet Film, which was designed to suit customers wanting a more economical use of stretch film. The film has a better load retention which ultimately allows you to use up to 20% less film per pallet wrapped and reduces your environmental impact.

2.  Always keeping up to date with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Signet is always looking for ways to improve the manufacturing process by seeking ways to improve our current technology. For example, state-of-the art resin technology was utilised to introduce the Ultimate film to deliver improved performance and reliability. With the commitment to invest in an extensive range of equipment and technology, Signet will always be providing customers with the latest films using the most reliable resources available.

3.  Always tracking the stretch films we manufacture.

Signet is committed to ensure that every roll of film sold can be tracked and monitored. For every roll that is manufactured, a batch number is provided that allows Signet to monitor the quality and reliability of the film. This shows that Signet is always ensuring that quality control measures are put in place to ensure our customers are satisfied.

If any issues arise with the stretch films, Signet can correct film production immediately and pinpoint the rolls that have been affected. What this means for customers, is that Signet will ensure that batches are removed from sale if serious problems have occurred which allows you to order with peace of mind. While this rarely occurs, Signet always welcomes any feedback that you provide so that the best quality film can continue to be sold in Brisbane.

4.  Always standing by our product.

Signet is the stretch film supplier that you can trust. This is because if you experience any product fault, we will ensure that your film is replaced and it is returned to our warehouse for investigations. Each roll that is returned undergoes a series of tests in order to pinpoint the exact issues that have occurred. Appropriate measures are then put into place to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future. Signet is always standing by our product to ensure that you are only using the highest quality stretch film every time.

Put us to the test the next time you need stretch film and order at Signet. If you are not happy with the product, we have a 31 day satisfaction guarantee where you can return the goods for a full refund or replacement. This is how confident Signet is in providing Brisbane’s highest quality stretch film.

If you would like to view the complete range of stretch films available please visit our website:

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One Stop Shop for Stretch Film Products

Stretch FilmStretch film is one of the most commonly used products in the packaging process: stabilising, containing and protecting products while they are in transit. Signet has been producing stretch wrap for a number of years creating an extensive range of hand and machine wraps to choose from – so no matter what there will always be a film to suit your needs!

Signet’s most popular stretch film products are the blown and cast wraps. Each film has different properties, which you need to keep in mind when choosing the right wrap for the job.

Blown wrap is unique due to its hi-tack capabilities, (the wrap can stick to itself) holding your items firmly in place. Depending on the type of items you need to wrap there are a variety of thicknesses you can choose from. Remember that the greater the micron (UM) the thicker the film. If you are wrapping particularly heavy or irregular shaped loads then the strength, stretchiness, tear and puncture resistance of blown wrap makes it the perfect product for the job.

Blown wrap is also available in blue, red and green. This is particularly useful if you need to colour code various items and loads that are going to different locations or contain specific products. If you are shipping valuable items, confidential goods or simply want to deter theft during transit, then the Signet’s Own Security Wrap is the best choice. Security wrap is available in opaque black or white (which can come in handy if you are if shipping heat sensitive goods).

If you need to scan bar codes or wrap lighter items then cast wrap is ideal. Similar to blown wrap it comes in a range of thicknesses, but does not have the same tack. This makes the film almost silent to apply.

Signet also manufactures Ultimate Hand Film, which is a cost effective substitute to traditional cast and blown wraps.  This particular wrap is also environmentally friendly, reducing wastage and using less film per pallet. We also stock pre-stretched film, with rolls already stretched for your convenience, reducing work place OH&S accidents and injuries.

No matter what products you are wrapping Signet provide a range of films, which will ensure your goods arrive at their destination safely and securely.  If you wish to find out more about stretch film then phone Signets sales consultants on 13 74 46 or email .

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What is bundling film and how is it used?

Signet's Own Bundling FilmStretch film is a product used to securely wrap a shipment for transit. It holds the goods together, wrapping around the product and the pallet to create one stable piece. It not only fastens the items to the pallet, but also protects them from the elements and any damage during transportation. There are many different kinds of stretch film, including bundling film.

Bundling film is a stretch film made to wrap and secure irregular shapes or smaller packages. It comes as a small roll of film, with a handle available for easy use. The wrap comes in clear or black and is sticky enough to stick to itself when overlapped.

Bundling film is commonly used to secure products like tiles, wood, plastic, cartons and parts. It has many benefits over other stretch films that make it the perfect addition to your packaging paraphernalia. One of the biggest benefits of bundling film is its sticky nature. Due to the blown film process, the film will stick to itself but not the goods it is wrapping. Its unique 50mm core also means it is lightweight and durable. Its small width and easy hand held application makes it suitable for odd shapes and easy wrapping. Like all stretch films, it is beneficial for securely wrapping items for transit, protecting them from weather and minor damage.

Signet is one of the largest packaging suppliers in Australia, offering a wide range of products, including bundling film. Our bundling film comes in 20um thickness, with each roll containing 250m of bundling film to allow for generous application. Signet also offers a starter kit for users new to bundling film that includes two rolls of the bundling film and a bundling film dispenser.

To purchase the products mentioned or to find out more about stretch film, call Signet on 13 74 46.

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How Blown Stretch Film is Made

Blown stretch film is a highly elastic stretch film that is used to wrap pallets and improve the stability of products. The film comes in varying colours and thicknesses, so is ideal for transportation and storage.

What is blown stretch film made from?

The most common blown stretch film material is linear, low-density polyethylene. This material offers enhanced stretch film characteristics, particularly when it comes to elasticity, tack, puncture resistance and durability.

How is blown stretch film created?

Blown stretch film is manufactured using the blown film extrusion process. This involves blowing molten resin vertically upwards and outwards, forming a type of plastic bubble. The bubble is gradually cooled by air as it ascends the tower.  At the top of the tower the film is nipped together and drawn down to the slitting and winding stations via guide rollers.

Blown Film is often the preferred manufacturing method to achieve higher mechanical properties. It offers excellent puncture resistance and high force around a load, however due to its high-tack nature can be noisier to use than cast film.

What are the benefits of using blown stretch film?

The process by which blown stretch film is cooled slowly increases its mechanical properties. There are a number of benefits associated with blown stretch film. These include:

  • Holding Power – The higher mechanical properties of blown stretch film provides greater load retention and holding power.
  • Memory – Blown film has a higher degree of stretch memory.  This means the film will contract in both machine direction and cross direction without losing its original shape.
  • Yield – Although it requires greater force, tests have shown that Blown Film has a higher stretch yield than cast film.
  • Waste – The mechanical properties of blown stretch film allow you to use a thinner film whilst still maintaining load stability. Thinner film means reduction in cost and less plastic waste for end users.
  • Tear Resistance -The tear resistance of blown film is greater than cast film. This is due to the different manufacturing processes and cooling rates of the film.

Signet is Australia’s leading manufacturer of high quality stretch films and pallet wrapping. For further information about blown stretch film or to explore our wide range of packaging products, head to or contact our friendly customer service team at

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Perth’s Resident Stretch Film Expert

Packaging products make up much of our waste and with millions of tonnes of landfill building up every year, it is vital to find ecofriendly alternatives. While cardboard boxes are easy to breakdown and recycle, other packaging products, such as stretch film, may seem the total opposite of “green”. However, with a few clever tips and the right products, you can make your stretch film use more environmentally friendly.

Less is more

Stretch film is used to hold a load together, typically in a warehouse environment. Wrapping a pallet can require a lot of stretch film, particularly when done by hand. By investing in a machine to wrap your pallets, it will stretch the wrap as much as possible which will end up using less film and making the roll last longer. This will reduce your usage, costs and further decrease the environmental impact of any waste.

Choose efficient products

It can be easy to choose the cheapest product, particularly when your business uses it on a day to day basis. However, doing a little research can help you save money and the environment. Take a look at how many pallets one roll will wrap on average and try to narrow down your choices to a few different stretch films that wrap more with greater stretch, or perhaps a heavier gauge. There are also stretch films made with the environment in mind, such as degradable pallet wrap or pre-stretch hand pallet wrap.

Order online

Rather than driving to a warehouse to collect your goods, buy your pallet wrap online. Not only will it save you money on fuel, it will reduce the carbon emissions you produce. While the product may travel to get to you, it will be on-board with many other products, reducing the overall emissions and reducing the damage to the world around you.

When purchasing packaging products, it is important to consider your impact on the environment. While some necessities can’t be avoided, there are many ways to ensure it has the least effect on the environment.

For more advice, or to find out about other environmental packaging products talk to the Perth stretch film experts, Signet, today – or

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How cast stretch film is made?

Cast stretch film is a highly elastic plastic film used to wrap products for transportation and storage. It is frequently used in a commercial context to combine pallet loads but also may be used for bundling smaller items together. Cast stretch film comes in varying colours and can be used in numerous applications.

What is cast stretch film made of?

The most common cast stretch wrap material is linear low-density polyethylene. This material offers enhanced stretch film characteristics, particularly when it comes to elasticity and puncture resistance.

How is cast stretch film made?

Cast stretch film, or cast stretch wrap as it is also known, is created by feeding a sheet of heated resin along chilled rollers. As the molten resin comes in contact with the cooling drum, it solidifies. The resulting layer of plastic film is then cut and rolled into reams of cast stretch film. This process allows the film to be made in multiple layers, with cling on only one side. The end product is a strong, flexible film wrap that has a clear, glossy finish.

What are the benefits of using cast stretch film?

There are a number of benefits associated with cast stretch film. These include:

  • The clear, glossy finish ensures you are able to identify the product without having to unwarp it.
  • It also allows RFID and other scanning technology to be used through the packaging.
  • The optional one-sided-cling film is great where you don’t want one pallet to stick to the one next to it.
  • The cooling process is quick and can be produced in an hour with a lower cost in comparison to blown stretch film.
  • It is also easier to stretch and control the gauge to ensure consistent thickness control.
  • Cast stretch film can be made stronger by adding tough layers to the inside.
  • Cast film also unwinds much more quietly than blown film

Signet is Australia’s number one manufacture of high quality stretch films. For further information about cast stretch film or to explore our wide range of packaging products, head to

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Signet Opens New Melbourne Warehouse

To enhance the customer experience for Victoria and South Australia, Signet has opened a new, larger Melbourne Despatch Centre in Dandenong. This warehouse will stock a wide range of products and provide same-day despatch.

With an expansive collection of different products stocked in the new warehouse, Victorian customers will benefit even more from low prices, bulk-buy discounts, products always in stock and our award winning customer service.

With prices in the August to December buyer’s guide starting from $1.24 for high quality Signet 48mm Packaging Tape and $10.72 for the Signet Blown hand pallet wrap, Melbourne customers can enjoy Signet’s unbeatable value. Other top products available include strapping, shipping cartons, gloves, aerosol paint, stationery and cleaning supplies.

Each product in the Melbourne warehouse is barcoded and scanned using the latest logistics technology, so your order will be right every time. These internal systems are integrated nationally over Signet’s despatch centres, which will increase our reliability and reduce delivery times for customers in other locations as well.

All metro Melbourne customers who order before 2pm (EST) will qualify for same day despatch. Each order will be delivered direct to the customer’s site to ensure customers are receiving the most convenient and efficient service possible. Further adding to this is the free delivery offered to metro customers who spend over $100ex GST.

Signet is an Australian owned company that has been operating for over 40 customer-focused years. The company supplies and manufactures a wide range of packaging, cleaning, and safety supplies and is always in stock, always on time and always reliable.

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Best Practice Load Containment: Improve Pallet Stability and Reduce Costs

Every year thousands of pallets are sent Australia-wide carrying goods ranging from groceries to alcohol to packaging supplies. Each of these pallets can be worth well over $1,000 which means it is crucial to understand load containment and the best practices for your pallets. Load containment is a term that is used to describe the measures taken to prevent the movement of goods on a pallet whilst keeping the load together and upright.

Currently many businesses are wrapping their pallets and hoping for the best, or are following bad load containment advice from sources that advise to use heavier gauge film or more film in an effort to sell more products. By following this guide you will have a better understanding of the technical expertise behind load containment and the knowledge to effectively analyse your current practices.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the impact that poor load containment can have on a business, whether it is the sender or the receiver:

  • Risk of injury: This risk mostly falls under manual handling injuries by exerting force to push, pull, restrain, hold, throw or move an item. The risk of injury applies not only to your staff, but to people at the receiving end of your goods who need to unpack and move the load.
  • Chain of responsibility: This responsibility means ensuring the safety of all parties involved in moving your stock, whether this is warehouse staff, transport companies, or the receiver.
  • Stock loss: This loss can be a result of damaged products or damaged packaging. Damaged packaging often results in unnecessary waste as the goods are either deemed unusable/unsellable or need to be repackaged before being used.
  • Returned stock costs: This cost is a flow-on effect from stock loss, as returning or repackaging stock can be an unwanted expense.
  • Vehicle Damage: Uncontained loads can damage a vehicle both internally if the load is not contained correctly or externally if it causes the driver to have an accident. This damage also affects forklifts through pallets that have been overloaded or not contained properly
  • Time: This cost can be linked to all of the above risks as a spilled or damaged load can mean having to resend a completely new load, having to re-stack and wrap the pallet, or can be from the lost productivity of a vehicle being repaired due to damage from uncontained loads

As every pallet is different (containing different goods, different heights and weights) there is a different solution for each application, especially concerning the type of stretch film used. Did you know that a restrained load needs to be able to withstand forces of at least 80% of its weight in a forward direction, 50% of its weight sideways and rearwards and 20% of its weight vertically? This can be difficult to achieve, however there are a few guidelines that can be followed to optimise load containment:

  1. Lock the load to the pallet: Begin wrapping your load from the pallet to the product to ensure the load won’t shift in transit or upon arrival at the end destination. This can be done by tying the end of the stretch film to the pallet before your machine wraps the pallet/before you hand wrap the pallet.
  2. Increase overlap: When wrapping your pallet, increase the amount of overlap between layers of stretch film, as it will lock the layers together to avoid shifting and shear points. For optimum strength and stability aim for a 135mm overlap.
  3. Avoid column stacking: Stacking the pallet to excessive heights promotes instability and increases the centre of gravity. This means that tall pallets are more likely to be unstable and therefore cause damage to people, the vehicle or the goods themselves. It is recommended to set a maximum height that all pallets must adhere to and stick to it.
  4. Optimise holding force: Make the most of the pallet wraps stretchability by tensioning the film around the load to assist containment. If you are wrapping using a machine this can be as simple as changing a setting on the machine. If wrapping by hand this entails stretching/pulling the film out at each corner before wrapping it around the next side.
  5. Incorporate banding where appropriate: By turning the roll of film while wrapping the load, a thin band can be created which increases the strength of the wrap. This is ideal particularly for unstable and heavier loads as it provides an extra level of security.

By understanding the importance of load containment and following the above information, it is possible to improve pallet stability and reduce costs to the business – before your pallet even leaves the warehouse.

At Signet we manufacture our own high quality stretch films, as well as importing superior packaging tapes and strappings. We believe that our background in manufacturing and packaging has given us great experience when it comes to our own load containment and pallet stability, so we wanted to pass on our successes to you to help minimise the many problems and costs within poor packaging.

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