How Blown Stretch Film is Made

Blown stretch film is a highly elastic stretch film that is used to wrap pallets and improve the stability of products. The film comes in varying colours and thicknesses, so is ideal for transportation and storage.

What is blown stretch film made from?

The most common blown stretch film material is linear, low-density polyethylene. This material offers enhanced stretch film characteristics, particularly when it comes to elasticity, tack, puncture resistance and durability.

How is blown stretch film created?

Blown stretch film is manufactured using the blown film extrusion process. This involves blowing molten resin vertically upwards and outwards, forming a type of plastic bubble. The bubble is gradually cooled by air as it ascends the tower.  At the top of the tower the film is nipped together and drawn down to the slitting and winding stations via guide rollers.

Blown Film is often the preferred manufacturing method to achieve higher mechanical properties. It offers excellent puncture resistance and high force around a load, however due to its high-tack nature can be noisier to use than cast film.

What are the benefits of using blown stretch film?

The process by which blown stretch film is cooled slowly increases its mechanical properties. There are a number of benefits associated with blown stretch film. These include:

  • Holding Power – The higher mechanical properties of blown stretch film provides greater load retention and holding power.
  • Memory – Blown film has a higher degree of stretch memory.  This means the film will contract in both machine direction and cross direction without losing its original shape.
  • Yield – Although it requires greater force, tests have shown that Blown Film has a higher stretch yield than cast film.
  • Waste – The mechanical properties of blown stretch film allow you to use a thinner film whilst still maintaining load stability. Thinner film means reduction in cost and less plastic waste for end users.
  • Tear Resistance -The tear resistance of blown film is greater than cast film. This is due to the different manufacturing processes and cooling rates of the film.

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