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Packaging products make up much of our waste and with millions of tonnes of landfill building up every year, it is vital to find ecofriendly alternatives. While cardboard boxes are easy to breakdown and recycle, other packaging products, such as stretch film, may seem the total opposite of “green”. However, with a few clever tips and the right products, you can make your stretch film use more environmentally friendly.

Less is more

Stretch film is used to hold a load together, typically in a warehouse environment. Wrapping a pallet can require a lot of stretch film, particularly when done by hand. By investing in a machine to wrap your pallets, it will stretch the wrap as much as possible which will end up using less film and making the roll last longer. This will reduce your usage, costs and further decrease the environmental impact of any waste.

Choose efficient products

It can be easy to choose the cheapest product, particularly when your business uses it on a day to day basis. However, doing a little research can help you save money and the environment. Take a look at how many pallets one roll will wrap on average and try to narrow down your choices to a few different stretch films that wrap more with greater stretch, or perhaps a heavier gauge. There are also stretch films made with the environment in mind, such as degradable pallet wrap or pre-stretch hand pallet wrap.

Order online

Rather than driving to a warehouse to collect your goods, buy your pallet wrap online. Not only will it save you money on fuel, it will reduce the carbon emissions you produce. While the product may travel to get to you, it will be on-board with many other products, reducing the overall emissions and reducing the damage to the world around you.

When purchasing packaging products, it is important to consider your impact on the environment. While some necessities can’t be avoided, there are many ways to ensure it has the least effect on the environment.

For more advice, or to find out about other environmental packaging products talk to the Perth stretch film experts, Signet, today – or

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