Why Stretch Film is Right for Your Business

Stretch film is one of the most preferred products in the market for protecting and containing goods together for transporting and storing pallets. There are a number of ways in which pallets can be held together such as strapping, taping or even using heat shrinking plastic for providing a firm hold on goods. Whilst such products offered by Signet offer a great solution, stretch film products provide reliable load containment for piece of mind.


Stretch films provide a greater surface area coverage that ensures that goods are protected from dust, dirt and moisture when being transported or stored. Certain types of stretch film, like the Signet white stretch film or the Signet black stretch film, can also be utilised for other security purposes such as concealing the contents. Signet stock a variety of stretch film products which include the following:

  1. Signet Pre-Stretched Pallet Wrap
  2. Signet Pre-Stretched Hand Pallet Wrap
  3. Signet Cast Hand Pallet Wrap
  4. Signet’s Own Blown Hand Pallet Wrap
  5. Signet’s Own Security Wrap
  6. Signet’s Own Coloured Pallet Wrap
  7. Signet’s Own Bundling Film

Cost Effectiveness

One of the advantages of using stretch film lies in the cost saving that it provides for the user. Products such as strapping require the use of tools and other products such as crimpers, tensioners and seals, which add up to extra costs for operations. As a standard, the Signet stretch film rolls contain over 300m worth of film, which equates to a high number of pallets wrapped, depending on a number of factors such as the height of the pallet, the stretch given during the application process and the type of film used.

Cost effectiveness could also be realized through the reduction in energy required to operate. Being quick and easy product to handle means that turnover of pallets is high, whilst ensuring that staff output remains high at a constant rate.

Efficiency and Versatility

Stretch film is versatile in that it can serve multiple purposes. Signet offer a range of coloured wrap that allows for easy pallet identification, which translates into more efficient stock control and stock rotation.

Signet offer an extensive range of stretch film products to suit the varying needs of customers. For customers with a high frequency and above average number of pallets to wrap, Signet can offer pallet wrapping machines that provide an automated pallet wrapping solution for customers. Visit the Signet website today to view the entire range of the Signet stretch film products and to take advantage of free delivery, for orders over a hundred dollars in metropolitan areas, and create your own account.

Authors – Steph Hewish & Damien Sharma

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