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Bundling Film

Signet bundling film is an ideal solution for wrapping and securing irregular shaped objects. Common uses for the product include wrapping of tiles, wood, plastic, cartons and parts. One of the key benefits of bundling film is due to the sticky nature of the blown film properties which this is made from, the film will stick to itself, rather then the goods being packaged. By using bundling film when packing and storing pallets, goods will be stabilised and secured during transport ensuring the product bundle does not become loose.

To create an easy user experience, bundling film has a unique 50mm core for easy application and is quick, easy to use and lightweight making it ideal to use on remote sites and for convenient carrying around the warehouse. The product comes in 20um strength in both black and clear colours and each roll has 250m of bundling film on it allowing for generous application.

For users new to bundling film, Signet have a Signet’s Own Bundling Film Starter Kit featuring two rolls of the bundling film and a bundling film dispenser.