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Australia On The Move

Millions of Australians move to a different location every year. Some move for family and some for financial reasons. Many of these people are young families with no children looking to buy their first home or find a location more suited to a growing household. But before you even think about the day of the move, there are a number of things you have to do to prepare.

Perhaps the biggest and most time consuming job is packing and transporting your items. Packaging supplier, Signet, has helped hundreds of Aussies move homes in an efficient and affordable way with their packaging products. From film and wrap products to hold items together to cartons and packaging tape, we have all you need for a successful move.

At Signet, we understand that moving is a big job and preparation is key. This is why we included a number of tips in the following infographic to help you get from A to B. With statistics about moving within Australia, as well as tips from two months before you leave right up to moving day, we aim to make sure your move is more exciting than stressful.

For more advice, or to buy any of our packaging and house moving products, give one of our friendly staff a call on 13 74 46.