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Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is an economical packaging solution to secure and protect goods which is able to protect items from humidity, dust and dirt. Outside of cost benefits compared to more traditional corrugated style packaging, shrink film uses less floor space in offices and warehouses, can be stored in cold environments such as fridges and water as well as being tamper evident.

Another key benefit of shrink film is it uses less resource energy than other forms of packaging. This tied in with an easy disposal process of the product, makes shrink film a convenient yet practical solution for many Australian businesses and warehouses. Signet currently stock two different two of shrink wrapping in the clear polyethylene tubing colour. This makes goods easy to identify once wrapped as well as allowing users to custom cut the rolls to their desired length.

The two brands stocked being the Signet in house brand ‘Signet’ and the ‘Cryovac’ brand (by Sealed Air) each offering a quality solution for general purpose and performance film.