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The Ultimate Signet Stretch Film & Packaging Products

As Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of packaging supplies, Signet offers a variety of quality packaging materials to customers across Australia. One of the most popular products in Signet’s extensive product range is its stretch film and shrink wrap products and equipment.

Stretch wrap is an easy way of packaging your goods and protecting them from damage. The stretchable plastic film protects your items from damage when you wrap it around and its elasticity keeps the items bound. Shrink film is yet another type of plastic film which is popularly used to protect items while packaging them. Shrink wrap doesn’t have the elasticity of stretch film and instead you simply need to wrap it around your items loosely and it then wraps around your item tightly due to the application of heat. Stretch wrap is ideally used to for packaging pallet loads and to bundle together smaller items and Signet provides you with the best quality products to do so.

Whatever your plastic film need, you can order it online via Signet’s online store. Signet offers a variety of stretch film, shrink wrap and pallet wrap products available to customers right across Australia. With dispatch centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and several other cities, if you order your shrink film online today before 2 pm, Signet will dispatch it on the same day – ensuring the quickest and fastest delivery of all products.

Signet’s range of quality wrap products include locally and overseas manufactured stretch film products. The online catalogue lists Signet’s complete range including stretch film machinery for pallet wrapping and general packaging needs – all of which are in stock and available for immediate purchase and delivery.

Signet's variety of stretch wrap products includes:

Signet Ultimate Film

This new, high-performance pallet wrap uses state-of-the-art resin technology to deliver improved performance and reliable wrapping of items.

Signet Security Wrap

This security pallet wrap is best suited for shipping as it conceals the contents of your packaging, helping to deter theft during shipment.

Signet Bundling Film

This mini stretch wrap product is ideal for securing and bundling irregular shaped items and smaller goods.

Signet’s online store offers you all of these plastic film and wrap products to choose from – helping you pick the perfect wrapping product depending on your needs. In addition, Signet also stocks shrink wrap machines and general protective equipment that you may also need.

Signet is your one stop shop for your film and wrap needs, so don’t look any further because Signet will provide you the best quality stretch wrap and shrink film products in Australia at the lowest prices.